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A Strong Foundation

No other single sport provides a combination of motor and mental skills along with the three components of muscular endurance: cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. Gymnastics also provides the basic motor fitness components of coordination, balance, speed, agility, and power. These qualities form the basis for all sport activities.

Better Readers Through Gymnastics? You Bet!

Ralph Barrett, an educator and gymnastics coach for over 20 years has validated through his recent research a fact that those of us in the gymnastics community have long known gymnasts make better students! In his studies pre-school students who participated in gymnastics activities achieved SAT scores nearly 10% higher than students who were not involved in gymnastics.

There is a proven direct correlation between gymnastics-type instruction and the development of neurological pathways in students. Brain research over the last 50 years, particularly over the last 10 years, has demonstrated a direct mind-body connection.

Mr. Barrett's research, as well as over 50 years of related studies, serves as the impetus to begin promoting gymnastics, especially at the pre-school level, and as a proven means of enhancing students reading scores. There is also the side-benefits of an increase in self-confidence, muscular development, listening skills, and all other characteristics attributed to successful pre-school, recreational, and competitive gymnastics programs. Class Instruction and Program Implementation. The classes consist of a series of stations, each of which works on particular motor skills and movements. Safety is of utmost importance, as balance activities are done on either the floor or balance beams which are only a couple inches off the ground. Sessence they are saying that Gymnastics is a great preparation for life. If we will invest our time, and a desire, our children will develop into happy, healthy, and confident members of our community.

Young Child Classes

Mom/Dad and Me: 18mo. - 3yrs.
(This is a parent participation class). This class is designed for small children and promotes proper brain development, motor, communication, and social skills, and allows a fun bonding experience with the parent.

Tot Gymnastics: 3 - 5yrs.
Designed to introduce children to gymnastics and gymnastic terminology. They will sharpen motor skills, flexibility and coordination. It makes their gymnastics experience fun and successful while helping build their self-esteem.

Kinder Gym: 4 - 5yrs.
Learn basic gymnastics skills and terminology that will help build self-esteem, increase flexibility and coordination while making the learning experience fun and successful.